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  • I keep getting the following text message (I have replied STOP TOTM many times, but it does not stop the text messages). It's really irratating... here's the message... New call #'s 712-338-8213 or 712-338-8093 code 37109#. Mon at 8am MT with Angela the CEO of Team National.Stay current! Reply "STOP TOTM" to unsubscribe. Again note that STOP TOTM does not stop the messages.

  • Do I need to reply STOP?

  • Do I need to reply Stop?

  • did not try yet

  • I am on a minute plan and as I cannot see who is sending me a text message BEFORE I open it these scammers are wasting my money! I have done the STOP I have even called them and harassed them. They are always forenigners (seemingly outside of the U.S.) and I want to know if they are using a computer to randomly call numbers OR if someone has sold my information to these bottom feeders.

  • will not stop texting my phone

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