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  • 2 messages: First one: "type the word start and hit enter to begin the survey" (all lowercase, and hit enter? This is a phone, not a pc...) - 2nd message: " Recently you agreed to participate in a follow-up survey. Please respond soon to qualify for the $500 sweepstakes!" - I did not reply to either one, as that would confirm my # is receiving their spam. Number is a VOIP box registered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Your entry last month has WON! Go to BestBuyWin.net and enter your winning code 5555 to claim your FREE $1000 Best Buy gift card within 24 hrs.

  • i get this code is in my phone

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  • johnettemcdale4506: Congratulations, your number has made you Apple's winner! Goto http://vffgw.tk and enter code "3141" to claim your new FREE iPad 3! 24hrs ..

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